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Fleeceworks Show Hunter Pad

Fleeceworks Show Hunter Pad

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We love this Fleeceworks Show Hunter Pad, your horse will say AHHHHH, so soft and beautifully made!

Perfect balance system featuring removable inserts to customize your fit. Anatomically correct. Versatile. Can be used with Close Contact and All-Purpose Saddles. Internal pockets hold removable inserts for discrete saddle fit corrections. Dense 1" sheepskin for maximum protection under points of the saddle tree. Sheared to 1/2" under saddle flap to provide a close feel. Banded edge on the flap facilitates the closest possible connection between horse and rider's leg.

Length: Measured from inside sheepskin roll on pommel to inside back rolled edge.

Width: Measured from inside rolled edges across the widest part of the pad.

Drop: Measured from the middle top line of pad to edge of the flap.


  • Small:   Length: 15" -  Width: 11" -  Drop: 16"
  • Medium:  Length: 16  -  Width: 12 -  Drop: 18″
  • Large:  Length: 17″ - Width: 12" -  Drop: 18″
  • Extra Large:  Length: 18" - Width: 13" - Drop: 18″

*Inserts are not included but are available for purchase.

Front Inserts

Rear Inserts

Therawool Full Insert

Memory-Foam Inserts

Plus Foam Rear Riser

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