FITS Zephyr Mesh Panel Show Coat

We love the FITS Zephyr Mesh Panel Show Coat because it is the most advanced equestrian show coat ever made. Completely breathable while at the same time perfectly opaque, air breezes through the Zephyr’s lightweight open-cell Power Mesh fabric to keep you cool and comfortable. Factor in the amazing stretch and you have the ultimate washable performance show coat. The designers at FITS created Zephyr in layers to give you cool opaque coverage exactly where you need it:

      • A single layer of mesh is used along with the underarm panels for maximum ventilation
      • Three are used on the collar and lapels to provide structure for a professional, tailored look.
      • Two layers are used throughout the body to allow maximum airflow.

With Zephyr, what’s not there is as revolutionary as what is…

      • There is no hot, restrictive lining.
      • There is no heat-absorbing outer shell.
      • What you have is simply a beautiful lightweight, super cool competition coat that stretches with your every move.

FITS recognizes that riders are athletes; and that they need riding apparel that is functionally athletic yet true to the classic style and traditions of our sport. FITS Zephyr Show coat: replacing style with style that works!

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