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Equiline Women's X Shape Knee Grip Breech

Equiline Women's X Shape Knee Grip Breech

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Women’s knee grip riding breeches that feature Equiline’s X-Shape comfort waist. This push-up system introduces a new fit design with inner and outer special inserts created to support your body and balance while riding.

Maximizing comfort and promoting optimum athletic performance, the X-Shape breech promotes thermal activity, efficient blood flow, and lactic acid reduction. 

The stretch fastening system along the leg maximizes comfort under the riders' boots. The flattering fit of this breech makes them a new favorite amongst all riders in a variety of equestrian disciplines! 

  • X-Shape

  • Posture improvement

  • Long-term benefits

  • Muscles gain strength

  • Thermal activity and efficient blood flow

  • Wide waistband

  • True mid-rise

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