Equiline Gerald Soundproof Ear Bonnet

The new Equiline multilayer Soundproof Ear Bonnet (SLE) allows the horse to remain concentrated on its own work while avoiding any distractions from environmental noises. SLE comprises 3 layers: allergy-free cotton with a special antibacterial treatment makes up the lower and upper layer, while technical soundproof material make up the middle layer. The technology behind the GERALD results in a more comfortable and concentrated horse for high-level performance.  Customize this classic fly bonnet with custom cord piping and logo embroidery. 

  • SLE soundproof technology
  • Available for customization
  • Machine washable.
  • Multilayered construction: upper and lower layers in hypoallergenic cotton with antibacterial treatment,
  • Inner layer in soundproof material to mute ambient noise
  • Machine wash cold
  • Do not dry clean, tumble dry, bleach, or Iron
  • It is important to avoid harsh solvents or stain removers

*Size COB fits like a normal Full size

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