Effol Horse Shampoo Concentrate

We love Effol Horse Shampoo because it is mild on the skin and hair and cleans thoroughly. 

The care shampoo with human-cosmetic raw ingredients cleans mildly as well as thoroughly. It has a refreshing and vitalising effect, does not have a degreasing effect so that the skin's natural protection layer is preserved. For a silky, pearly shine and also very economical to use.

  • Concentrate bottle will give you dozens of shampoos
  • Use for the coat, mane and tail
  • 500ml

Ingredients acc. to EC 648/2004: 5-15 % anionic surfactants, 1-5 % amphoteric surfactants, 1-5 % cationic surfactants, <1 % nonionic surfactants, fragrances