Edgewood Chain Training Noseband

We love this Chain Edgewood Noseband because it offers class and style even when you need the extra control of a chain noseband.

Edgewood offers a premium line of bridles and bridle accessories. You can be assured that every Edgewood bridle has been handcrafted and carefully inspected in their New Mexico facility. Traditional styling with a contemporary feel - Edgewood bridles stand the test of time. A quality bridle - there is no better choice than Edgewood bridles. MADE IN THE USA

From the hands of craftsmen to horsemen's hearts, Edgewood uses only the finest cowhide (vegetable tanned in the USA) for strength and durability in their horse bridles. The bridles' rich chestnut finish oils beautifully. Stainless steel hardware, machine-stitching, handcrafted square-corner keepers - and above all, strict attention to detail - separate Edgewood bridles from all others.

Chain Nosebands: The chain on the backside of this training noseband is a high-grade, stainless steel link chain that is hand-stitched into place for extra strength and durability. Fine hand- and machine-stitching, handcrafted square-corner keepers, and stainless steel hardware complement this Edgewood Noseband. Features comfortable padding and fancy stitching across the nose. Made with a 'soft' edge brass tack.

  • 5/8" width is available in Pony, Cob, or Horse.
  • 3/4" width is available in Cob, Horse & Oversize
  • 1"  widths in Cob, Horse & Oversize 

*Price varies by style.