Edgewood Figure 8 Nosebands - 5 Styles

11/22 **Edgewood is experiencing post-pandemic delays in raw materials and is quoting 24 weeks ( 6 months) to fulfill orders. In the spirit of customer service, we have pulled these pieces off the website, until Edgewood is back up and running at 100%. We do have a limited inventory of Edgewood pieces available. If you would like to check real-time availability or to pre-order Edgewood, please give us a call at 864-457-3557.

The Edgewood Figure 8 Nosebands speak volumes in just a single glance. The luxurious leather and meticulous stitching combine to form a truly incredible noseband for your lucky horse!

These lovely Figure 8 Nosebands are made of premium quality hand & machine stitched Sedgewick leather with square keepers & buffed edges. Hardware includes stainless steel rings & buckles. Leather disc at center nose intersection of straps is padded in soft fleece for additional comfort on all styles. You can be assured that every Edgewood product has been handcrafted and carefully inspected here in our New Mexico facility. Traditional styling with a contemporary feel - Edgewood stands the test of time. A quality, handcrafted, product, made from the finest leather available, excellent customer service, affordable prices - there is no better choice than Edgewood.

Figure 8 Nosebands are available Plain- or Fancy-raised and Flat (no raise). Flat Figure 8’s are available with or without Fancy-stitching on the center medallion which is fleece-lined on all Figure 8’s.

Fine hand- and machine-stitching, handcrafted square-corner keepers, and stainless steel hardware (rings, buckles, and chain) complement all of our quality Training Nosebands. Edgewood uses only the finest cowhide (vegetable tanned in the USA) for strength and durability.  Its rich chestnut finish oils beautifully.  Stainless steel hardware, nylon hand- and machine-stitching, handcrafted square-corner keepers - and above all, strict attention to detail - separates Edgewood products from all others.