Edgewood Crank Noseband

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11/22 **Edgewood is experiencing post-pandemic delays in raw materials and is quoting 24 weeks ( 6 months) to fulfill orders. In the spirit of customer service, we have pulled these pieces off the website, until Edgewood is back up and running at 100%. We do have a limited inventory of Edgewood pieces available. If you would like to check real-time availability or to pre-order Edgewood, please give us a call at 864-457-3557.

We love this crank noseband because of its timeless style and functionality!

This Edgewood noseband is crafted using quality leather with hand and machine stitching. Features The stainless steel hardware (rings and buckles) complements all Edgewood bridles.

The Edgewood Crank noseband is not made in pony size at this time.

  • Price Varies By Style,
  • Shown In Raised Fancy Stitch & Padded Raised Fancy Stitch.