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ECP Air Ride Half Pad

We love the Air Ride Half Pad for the durable, yet breathable TPE foam allows for a comfortable, lightweight and shock absorbing pad. When you need extra support for you and your horse, ECP is the perfect choice!

The Original Air Ride® Half Pad. The compression TPE material relieves pressure points, while providing padding. Hundreds of holes throughout the pad's surface create maximum ventilation, while high-grip surface holds tightly to the saddle! Lightweight, breathable, and temperature-regulating, you'll hardly notice it's there!
  • Hundreds of ventilation holes for comfort and prevents excessive sweating.
  • Molds back into shape after each use.
  • DuPont stain resistant for easy cleaning.
  • Non-slip. Earth friendly and recyclable.
  • 22" x 14"
  • White

Don't forget your 12-Piece Memory Foam Insert Set which will allow you, & your horse to adapt appropriately to spots where extra support is needed.  Follow the link above to check out the inserts!