Dyon Hackamore Bridle

D'yon is renowned for its stylish bridlework which is super soft, high-quality leather with stainless steel appointments. This bridle for your hackamore will look absolutely stunning on your horse.

Please Note, due to the variety of hackamore styles and designs on the market, this piece is sold as just a bridle, the reins and hackamore are sold separately.

  • Hackamore bridle in English leather
  • Thin soft headpiece
  • Anatomic design to release any pressure 
  • Neoprene padding with soft leather lining
  • Hackamore cheek pieces
  • Adjustment strap at the jawbone
  • Padded square raised browband
  • Steel Dy’on logo on left side of the browband
  • Matching color stitching
  • Stainless steel buckles
  • Bridle only, hackamore and reins sold separately.