Custom Braider's Choice Tail Extensions

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We love these fake horse tails for the sultry & supple colors, coupled with a quality custom construction. These amazing natural tails blend perfectly into your horses tail.

Braider’s Choice tail extensions are a manufactured tail extension that is woven and sewn together from the inside out.  The top comes to a taper, rather than a knob, so it’s a favorite with the hunter/jumper exhibitors, since the top of the Braider’s Choice tail extension can be pushed flat against the tail bone, allowing the horse’s tail to be hunter braided. 

Braider’s Choice tail extensions also work well with thin haired horses, since the top is more streamlined than the traditional type of tail extension.  Braider’s Choice tail extensions are meant to be braided in up high on the tail bone, so be sure and factor in the additional length needed when measuring your horse for the correct tail extension length. 

The attachment method for the Braider’s Choice tail extension is very similar to the method used with traditional tail extensions that incorporate the loop attachment.

See our color and weight options below to pick out the perfect fake tail match for your horse.

Also available in custom colors, lengths, and weights!

  • 100% Genuine horse hair
  • Pony Size: 1/2 lb and 34" - 36" length
  • Horse Size: 1 1/4 lbs and 37" - 40" length
  • Strong yarn top loop makes braiding easy.
  • Need a custom match for your horses tail? Ask us!