Charles Owen jL9 Body Protector

We love the Charles Owen jL9 Body Protector because it provides the feel of gel with the performance of foam. You'll feel free and flexible, instead of restricted and encased. 

The jL9 Body Protector provides the feel of gel with the performance of foam. The gel material provides an extremely malleable feel and less rigid fit than other materials, and enables the product to mold more effectively to the body, in particular the ribs, whilst being lighter in weight. The rider feels supple rather than as thought they are encased, enabling them to perform to the best of their ability. An active join allows the ribcage to expand without being restricted.

Certified to BETA level 2, the jL9 body protector provides the maximum in protection without the unwelcome bulk. A dual security and fastening system over the shoulders ensures that the garment remains in place. Elasticated hook and loop fastening adjustable which go over the shoulders are additionally secured by press studs. The front of the jL9 zips up and features a covered padded flap which in turn protects the zip. The quick release three pronged elasticated belt provides additional garment security.