Carr & Day & Martin Protection Plus Natural Anti-Bacterial Salve

We love this Carr & Day & Martin Protection Plus Natural Anti-Bacterial Salve because it naturally inhibits bacterial growth, and creates a barrier blocking dirt & grime from entering any woulds.  This salve is great for application to deter irritation when your horse has any minor skin irritations such as cuts or grazes.  It will withstand wet & muddy conditions & outlasts competitor salves.  

This fast-acting salve uses an anti-bacterial agent combined with the added benefit of natural citronella to act as a protective barrier in wet and muddy conditions for minor skin irritations, cuts, and grazes. For best results, apply prior to exposure to wet conditions.

  • Ideal for waterproof protection against wounds.
  • Creates a barrier to keep dirt & bacteria out of wounds. 
  • Contains natural ingredients Oil of Citronella & Petroleum Jelly, & an anti-bacterial agent.
  • Size: 500g

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