Black Country Vinici Jump Saddle

Let the Vinici Jumping sit you in balance. A single/mono flap allows you that extra grip and closeness around the horse. Really feel your horse working underneath you. This is a serious competition saddle designed to suit both show jumpers and eventers alike. The girthing system lies neatly between the cushioned sweat flap, avoiding any discomfort to the rider. Trapezius panels can be added for horses with high withers and a lack of muscle definition.

Black Country Saddles are made on British wood laminated spring trees, predominantly manufactured by Lariot and Lightwood. Each is crafted to its own specifications, depending on the profile requirements of the horse and the design of the saddle. Most trees come with a full 10 year guarantee and all are adjustable up to one width fitting either way. This alteration can be made at the factory or by an authorized repair agent.

All Black Country panels are hand flocked with 100% British Wool.

Custom Options for the horse include: Front Gussets (for correct wither clearance on the horse with "hollows")...K-Panel (allow for greater bearing surface and additional clearance for horses with lack of definition or muscle atrophy)... Serge Panels (wool instead of leather! helps disperse heat and eliminate slipping).

Custom Options for the rider include: Front and rear blocks in different sizes... velcro or fixed blocks... flap length... flap forwardness... choice of leather type and color.

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