Black Country Ricochet Saddle

The Ricochet combines two popular saddles: the Quantum and the Wexford. It has a low profile, square cantle and medium deep seat. The panel and tree options offer an excellent fit for many high wither profiles. The look of this comfortable saddle are at home in the hunter ring, but the medium deep seat also offers security over stadium and cross country fences.

Black Country Saddles are made on British wood laminated spring trees, predominantly manufactured by Lariot and Lightwood. Each is crafted to its own specifications, depending on the profile requirements of the horse and the design of the saddle. Most trees come with a full 10 year guarantee and all are adjustable up to one width fitting either way. This alteration can be made at the factory or by an authorized repair agent.

All Black Country panels are hand flocked with 100% British Wool.

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