Beris Single Jointed Eggbutt D-Ring Bit

We love this bit because it is great for young horses that prefer a single jointed bit. The unique eggbutt design ensures there is no pinching on the lips.
Jointed bits put more pressure on parts of the lower jaw and on the sides of the tongue. A single jointed bit will restrict the blood flow in the tongue less when compared to a double jointed bit. Our single jointed eggbutt snaffle is made from a medium flexible plastic. To soften the pressure on the lower jaw, we designed an particularly flexible zone on the sides of the mouthpiece.
The shape and the angulation of the joint means it will sit evenly on the tongue so that blood flow will remain almost unrestricted. The shape and weight of the side pieces ensure a very quiet, neutral position in the mouth.
This characteristic makes the bit ideal for young horses that are still somewhat green. The shape of the ide piece likewise givens them an optimum lateral support and guidance. Good and quiet handling of the reins are facilitated by the large ring.
  • Beris bits are made of a food safe plastic compound
  • The surface is very smooth and slides easily in the mouth
  • Encourages chewing and salivation
  • Promotes enhanced communication between horse and rider
  • Mouthpiece thickness 18 mm