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Bates Leather Webbers

Bates Leather Webbers

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We love the Bates® leather webbers because they are made without the buckles allowing for a closer contact. 

Bates Leather Webbers are revolutionary stirrup straps made without buckles to reduce the lump under the riders thigh and provide closer contact to the horse. The single thickness under the leg removes excess bulk and interference, facilitating the accurate delivery of leg aids.

  • Made in luxurious Bates leather to match your Bates saddle
  • webbing core to ensure they will not stretch and cause unevenness
    Usage guide
    1. Take the sleeve off, thread the looped end through the eye of your stirrup iron and replace the sleeve.
    2. Slide the loop over your stirrup bar. 
    3. To secure your stirrup iron fold the T-shaped buckle end up, behind your stirrup iron and insert into the I shaped hole at your preferred length. Turn the buckle until your Webber is sitting flat, and the buckle is secure.
    4. Pull the sleeve down firmly to ensure the buckle is covered and located below your saddle flap to avoid wear.
    5. To run-up your Webbers, remove the T-shaped buckle from the slot they have been secured into for riding and insert the buckle in the hole at the very top. This is up very high near your stirrup bar and you may need to lift the skirt of your saddle to see it. Run the stirrup iron up the front of the Webber and tuck the folded Webber through the stirrup iron and pull down to secure.
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