Bates Advanta Saddle with Luxe Leather & HART

We love the Bates Advanta Saddle because every feature in the Bates Advanta is engineered for competitive ADVANTAge to deliver the ultimate event saddle. Feel your horse: experience perfect connection while you’re seated close to the action.
Sharpen your reflexes: enjoy an effortless position as you’re poised for perfect balance at take-off, no matter the approach. Push your boundaries: your horse will be free to move with comfort, naturally and instinctively with greater endurance and a quicker recovery.

HART:  Horse and Rider Technology that promises a transformative power for your position and your horse's complete freedom of movement.  

  • EASY-CHANGE® Fit Solution:  The EASY-CHANGE Gullet System and the EASY_CHANGE Riser System offer a total fitting solution for the horse's absolute comfort. 
  • CAIR® Cushion System:  Air constantly adapts to the horse's working muscles distributing their weight evenly, virtually eliminating pressure points.
  • Elastiflex® Tree:  Maintains clearance over the horse's wither with superior lateral flexion that works with the horse's muscular movement with every stride.
  • Performance panel technology:  Designed to ensure a large footprint on the horse's back, maximize the weight-bearing surface of the saddle, and resulting in a reduction of pressure.  
  • Comfort seat technology:  Multi-layered foams for exacting densities for instantaneous comfort and support for optimal position.  

Customize your saddle fit with Bates Flexibloc®, EASY-CHANGE Gullet System, and EASY-CHANGE Riser System.  

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