Back on Track Hock Boot

Back on Track Hock Boots are therapeutic horse hock boots designed to help alleviate pain associated with inflamed muscles, ligaments, tendons and joints. Designed with state-of-the-art breathable mesh material that contains polyester thread embedded with a fine ceramic powder. Back on Track Pain Management Products are crafted in Sweden from a revolutionary fabric impregnated with ceramic powder, based on FAR infrared Ray therapies that have been widely used in Europe and the Orient. The ceramic powder reflects body heat in the form of these rays, which substantially increase blood flow, thus reducing pain and swelling, as well as stimulating the healing process.
  • Neoprene exterior
  • Lining infused with revolutionary ceramic fiber.
  • Achieves great results when used for boggy hocks and arthritic joints.
  • Used for both injury prevention and injury recovery.
  • Alleviates pain associated with inflamed muscles, ligaments, tendons and joints.
  • No liniment is needed, but "Sore No More" is recommended if a liniment is desired.
  • Reduces swelling in just a few days.
  • Choose hock boots with holes for hock points or no holes to cover hock cap
  • Size: Small, Medium or Large
  • Sold as a Pair

    Back on Track Products are designed to work with your horses own body heat and should not be compared with magnetic therapy.

    Warning: These products are not to be used on broodmares during pregnancy.

Measurement of Hock Boots:

Under HockOver Hock
Small 10 1/2" 14"
Medium 12" 15"
Large 13" 16"

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