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EquiFit, Inc.

EquiFit HoofIce

EquiFit HoofIce

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We love the EquiFit HoofIce™ because of the durable materials and how it keeps the whole hoof submerged!

The safer alternative when icing hooves. Just slip the bag over the hoof, add ice, water and secure it with the non-slip strap. A great option for both in the barn and on the go. 

Ensure hooves stay submerged in ice & water throughout the hoof icing therapy process. Non-slip strap closure ensures ice & water remain inside the HoofIce bag throughout the therapy process. Eliminate bucket use to help prevent injuries to horse & caretaker

  • Easy to Use
  • Stays Colder Longer
  • Safer Alternative
  • Reusable, Up to 5+ Uses
  • One Size (Fits Most)
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