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Samshield Iconpack

Samshield Iconpack

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Samshield’s ambassadors wanted a backpack answering all functions, super durable and stylish enough to be utilized as a traveling backpack; those existing on the market didn’t fit completely to their needs. The Iconpack has been designed after a year of development with many Samshield ambassadors and their grooms.

The Iconpack provides plenty of organized storage for your equipment. This backpack is very practical with a range of different compartments designed for the rider totally in mind:

  • Side pocket for a bottle or a spray;
  • Side pocket closed with a snap for metal studs, sugars, elastics, etc;
  • Large side pocket with waterproof zip closure for a laptop, a tablet, a passport, or the horse’s papers/passports;
  • Elastic straps to maintain a whip;
  • Top pocket for coins, gloves, keys, or a credit card;
  • Eyewear pocket;
  • Removable case for a camera or a mobile phone.
A front flap in the mesh can be unfolded to case the helmet. The Iconpack opens in two parts to give access to two large compartments: a suitcase-type section and a zipped mesh section, designed to store show gear and a pair of shoes.
The Iconpack is made from 1200D coated Polyester, a very strong, resistant, and waterproof fabric.

The compression-molded back of the backpack ensures comfort and fit for extended periods of wearing. The straps of the Iconpack are adjustable, flexible, and comfortable. The chest strap allows maintaining the backpack during riding. The straps have a removable case for a camera or mobile phone.

The Iconpack is designed to withstand bad weather. It has waterproof pocket zippers and a rain cover which allows it to completely cover and protect the backpack and the helmet. This rain cover has a reflective branding. It is fixed to the backpack and can be stored in a lower pocket that is invisible.

The bottom of the Iconpack is abrasion-resistant for maximum durability.

A label allows writing the name of the owner. Samshield also proposes, which is optional, to embroider the name on the top pocket of the backpack.
  • Available in: Black, Brown, Blue
  • 25L Capacity
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