R.J. Classics Bailey Jr. 37.5 Grey Label Shadbelly

We love the R.J. Classics Baily Jr. Shadbelly because even the youngest of competitors can take on the competition while wearing this jacket. Featuring the brand new 37.5 cooling technology fabric that ensures you stay cool even on the hottest days!

The Bailey Jr. shadbelly combines a timeless design with cutting-edge 37.5® technology to form the perfect style for even our youngest R.J. Riders. This patented thermoregulation technology keeps you comfortable by helping your body to maintain an optimum core temperature of 37.5° Celsius (99.5° Fahrenheit), which is ideal for peak athletic performance. The particles embedded in the fabric are naturally derived and will never wash out. For maximum performance, pair with the R.J. Classics Maddie show shirt which also features 37.5® technology, and together, create a perfect layering system.

The fabric also features the perfect balance of structure and stretch to maintain that traditional styling, but with the perfect among of stretch for ideal comfort during the toughest of competitions. The reversible 2-piece point design (which features a canary on one side and a modern pattern on the other) eliminates the need to fully unbutton the points to take the coat off and on.

  • Reversible 2-piece point design 
  • 37.5® fabric technology
  • Machine washable