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Kong Equine Wubba Mega

Kong Equine Wubba Mega

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We love this stall toy! Our horses found this toy fun to tug and swing around! This is the ideal product to survive stall rest with an inquisitive playful horse with an injury or without! 

The KONG Wubba™ is a fun, interactive shake and toss toy that is great for horse play in a variety of settings. It's long floppy tails are ideal for shaking and tossing in your horse's stall or pasture. A durable reinforced nylon exterior combines with unique ball shapes for play sessions that last longer. Horses love to toss the Wubba™ and add to the fun by shaking the flapping tails back and forth making every game different from the next.

  • Reinforced fabric and stitching for long lasting fun
  • Long floppy tails ideal for shaking and tossing
  • Great for solo or interactive playtime
  • Available in assorted colors: red, blue, purple - randomly selected by our fulfillment department at time of purchase. 

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