Tech Venice Quick Out Lite Stirrups

We love these Venice Stirrups because of the superior craftsmanship, materials and color selection. 

The Venice Quick Out Lite is the lightest security stirrup on the market. The revolutionary magnetic mechanism, positioned on the tread, allows the opening of the branch for easy removal of the foot, after which the stirrup branch automatically returns to the original position. The branch will only open if a certain load weight is exceeded.
They also feature an aggressive tread design for the ultimate grip regardless of conditions, and the footbed is inclined 3 degrees for better contact.

Made in Italy, the patented Tech Stirrups are made from the finest materials - aluminum billet with stainless blocked screws. The treads are treated with a nano-ceramic coating, while the rings feature a 20 micron anodization to preserve their beauty. All Stirrups feature strategically placed stirrup leather eyes, which increase rider comfort and assist in retrieving lost stirrups. 360 grams.

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    Tech Venice Stirrup Irons

    I just got these a few days ago, and I love them! The all silver is sleek, and I feel better riding with the safety stirrups. They look a lot nicer than the safety bands. My only complaint is that the wider tread takes some getting used to. Overall, these are great. Definitely worth the money. Also, they have left and right marked so you know which stirrup is which!

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