Edgewood 1/2" Fancy Stitched Raised Rubber Reins

We love these fancy stitched raised Edgewood leather rubber grip reins because they offer the best grip and add an extra fancy touch to your jumper tack! Now available in a thinner 1/2" thickness!

Made out of high-quality leather. A set of Edgewood reins complements any Edgewood Bridle. Edgewood reins feature full wrap-around billets, fine hand- and machine-stitching with durable nylon thread, stainless steel buckles, cast/stainless steel hook studs, and handcrafted keepers and laces.

Edgewood rubber-grip reins have small-pip rubbers, imported from England, that offer a comfortable, sturdy grip in all types of weather.

Available in Edgewood rich chestnut leather with white or brown leather grip.