ThinLine Woven Wool Square Dressage Saddle Pad

We love this ThinLine Woven Wool Square Dressage Pad for the extraordinary shock absorption and motion reduction, coupled with highest quality woven wool, in a shimmable piece.  Convenience meets long lasting durability in these beautifully Woven Wool Square Dressage Pads.  Show up to the competition ready to show-out, & out-shine.  You're prepared for anything when you ride with ThinLine!  

Dressage Saddle Pads to Create a Closer Connection With Your HorseThinLine products provide exceptional benefits for both horse and rider. Add the best woven wool available and you have the best saddle pad for your horse.  Pads can be shimmed.

Dual benefits of extraordinary shock absorption and motion reduction really sets ThinLine apart from other saddle pads.  What is ThinLine?  A unique, open-cell foam which moves shock, weight, and heat laterally along the sheepskin dressage saddle pad without compressing. The result is 95% shock absorption. Extraneous motion and impact – nearly eliminated. This leads to comfort and a quiet connection for both parties. Delivered to you in a breathable product measuring only 3/16 of an inch (4.6mm) in thickness. Our Woven Wool Dressage Saddle Pad comes with this extraordinary technology. ThinLine improves performance, allowing horses to lift their backs and move with more relaxation and suppleness.

Pad components; ThinLine is sewn to a quilted cotton square saddle pad with luxurious woven wool sheepskin under the panels and at the front roll creates the ultimate dressage saddle pad.  The manner in which this product absorbs motion encourages horses to lift their backs, developing strength and top-line. Endorsed by Veterinarians, as well as Spinal Surgeons for Riders. It is also the top pick for Master Saddlers around the world.

  • Merino lambswool is sheared then needled onto a fabric backing.
  • The wool quality, length, and density is more consistent than Merino wool on a natural hide.
  • The longevity of Woven Wool is superior to Merino Wool on a hide. Generally, the hide is what becomes compromised after it encounters dampness or heat.
  • Since Woven Wool is not on a hide, no sheep were harmed in the making of this pad.
  • With Woven Wool, machine washing is simple.
  • Shimmable for customized saddle fit with shims made of the same trademark foam.
  • Shaped wither profile provides clearance while the ThinLine panels help create a spine free channel.
  • 95% shock absorption provided by the ThinLine foam also minimizes rider movement creating a quieter seat.
  • ThinLine’s open cell technology provides breathability and is non-slip. 
23.5″along the spine | 20″ behind the front roll | 23.25″ in flap length