Carr & Day & Martin Canter Coat Shine Spray

We love this Carr & Day & Martin Belvoir Canter Coat Shine Spray because we can't believe how well it repels all the elements!  From grass stains to mud, this spray keeps all the muck away.  Give it a shot, order your Canter Coat Shine today.  

Carr & Day & Martin Belvoir Canter Coat Shine Spray 500 mL Aluminum Bottle helps repel grass stains, mud and soiling and provides an oil free shine, leaving the coat non-greasy. Spray before turnout to prevent dirt from adhering to the coat and leaving a stain. Apply to the chest and shoulders to help prevent stable rugs and blankets from rubbing.

  • Provides an instant, long- lasting shine
  • Repels grass, mud and dirty bedding
  • Helps prevent stable rug and blanket rubs

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