Carr & Day & Martin Tack Conditioning Spray

We love this Carr & Day & Martin Tack Conditioning Spray because of the pore sealing properties from natural ingredients which include lush vegetable & coconut oils.  The oils create a barrier against dirt & grime all while conditioning & repairing.  Did we mention the heavy duty aluminum bottle?  No spills, leaking, or squashed bottles when traveling from show to stable, this bottle is capable of withstanding the pressure so you can as well when the competition heats up.  

Belvoir Tack Conditioning Spray 500ML in the aluminum bottle is Carr, Day & Martin's best selling pure, clear, quality tack conditioner. Will condition, protect, and add shine to leather. Formulated with glycerin and coconut oil that fills and seals the leather pores to form a barrier against salt, dirt, grease and water.

Use after cleaing with Belvoir Tack Cleaner.Belvoir, from Carr, Day & Martin, offers a distinctive line of leather cleaners, conditioners and soaps for your fine leather products.

  • Softens, preserves, and shines
  • Conditions, protects, and supples saddlery leather
  • Pure, clear quality soap formulated from vegetable oils, including coconut oil and glycerine for regular use
  • Glycerine fills and seals any pores in the leather, and forms a barrier against salt, dirt, grease, and water
  • Use after Belvoir Tack Cleaner

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