Break Out Products Of 2022

Waldhausen Lunging System - This piece really took off this year, trainers nationwide recognized the value and design quality of this product. Often used to educate green horses to teach them balance and suppleness. It is also useful for seasoned horses to help keep them fit when riding is not suitable. 
Waldhausen Lunging System

Penelope Phone Pocket - Riders fell in love with the soft leather and usefulness of this piece. Word go out fairly quickly that it's effortless good looks and ease of use help keep your phone handy without using a bulky plastic clip. The Phone Pocket can either be slid through the belt loops, or you can snap the belt loops on to your belt for easy on and off. 
Penelope Phone Pocket

Waldhausen X Line Hackamore bridle, this bridle has seen a huge rise in popularity this year. This hackamore bridle is similar in design and quality to other brands but is more readily available and is a great choice. 
Waldhausen X-Line Hackamore Bridle

Thinline English Reins - We stopped carrying these reins due to availability due to COVID a few years ago. Recently we were made aware that these reins were back in stock and available for delivery. Riders clearly missed these reins as this passed fall we sold several dozen pairs to riders all over the country. Riders love the easy care and extra grip that these reins offer that can't be found in other styles. 

All Tied Up Plain Jain Stock Ties - These ties are classic white pre-tied stock ties with piping. Choose from classic white piping, navy or grey. Riders agree these ties were the perfect finish piece for formal competition classes. 
All Tied Up Plain Jain Stock Ties

Equifit Essential Hunter PadThese arrived in early summer of 2022, and clearly were just what riders were looking for. Equifit combines a quality fleece pad with a soft breathable no slip textile against the horse. 

 Essential Hunter Pad

Barbour Tartan Shower Proof Poncho- WOW this one was a huge hit! This classic tartan plaid poncho is packs up into a pocket and is easy to take anywhere on the go. Who knew such a basic staple rain poncho would be such a hit! 
Barbour Tartan Showerproof Poncho

Products to watch: 
The long awaited Ego 7 Gemeni is shipping out today! Video of this innovative new boot leaked earlier this summer with Kristin Vanderveen giving them a walk about over in Europe went viral in hours.  Riders have been anxiously awaiting their release ever since. The high tech material used in the leg of this boots simply rolls up the leg and stays put offering superior grip and a beautiful custom look and feel. 

Equiline's B-Move fabric made popular with their exquisite line of show jackets will be available in breeches for the coming season. This fabric offers unrestricted movement while riding as well as ventilation properties that help keep the rider from over heating. We are very excited about the B-move fabric making the transition into breeches. Equiline will offer these in the CrendaK and CalteK styles. 

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